I just Joined TSU

For a few days now I have been hearing about TSU, a social media site that is just like Facebook with one major difference. They pay you to do the same thing you do on Facebook. Isn’t that wild. I

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It’s Time to Share My Posts in Social Media

Seems I am spending a lot of  time  reading and commenting many articles here. Sometimes I forget to share them in my Facebook, Twitter and even in Linkedin. There are also instances that I am spending too much time sharing my posts in there.

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Getting Away with ….

These two stories are true and although they come from different sides but are the same. Dougie had a particular last name and was staying at a hotel with that name. As the owner had sons who did visit the

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New Lambs Born Last Night, Found Chilly This Morning

Normally when it gets really cold in the winter I put the sheep in the barn for the night, but so far we have not had really cold temperatures. It has been below freezing, but this is not “really” cold.

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Do you Upcycle?

Upcycling is a great way to give old things new life. Instead of throwing things away, look at them in a new way. What could you make from that old t-shirt or bucket or place mat? The possibilities are countless.

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An Open Letter to Those of You Using TSU Social Network to Make Money

I notice many people from here are also on the new tsu social networking site, great, good to see you there! So many people have been lured by the dream of easy money, I should add it is far from

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My phone battery is heating

Since last few days I have noticed that my mobile phone battery is heating. I noticed it when I talked to my mom and my cheeks were hot pressing against the phone. I suddenly removed the battery and saw that

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Disney Villains with the Most Narcissistic Motivations: The Evil Queen

Disney villains can be vain, silly or downright evil, but there are some villains whose motivations that make be what to ask this question. What ruined everyone’s lives because of this? Vanity is one thing but these villains are just

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