Twitter Change?

Today I tried to post something with a short link on twitter and it said that it looked automated and it wouldn’t post the link. Perhaps it is just the link provider itself but I wonder if Twitter is changing

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Bernie Mev Shoes are The Best for Comfort


Bernie Mev shoes are very different looking and very comfortable. They have memory foam on the bottom so it is like walking on a cushion of air. They are made of an elastic weave, and as such they stretch where

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We All Scream For Ice Cream


A photo speaks a thousand words and this picture is the reason for my post. I known all ice cream lovers will know what i am talking about. Just found this photo some time back and sharing it out here.

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How can I find out my sponsor?

After joining Post any, I tried to visit the profile of my sponsor. But I could not find out. I typed his name in the search bar and clicked on ‘go’. But the search did not reveal his profile.

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Looking for fresh air, the passenger opened the emergency door

China – A domestic passenger flight for the first time on a plane, almost endangering the safety of many people. He opened the emergency door when the plane about to take off just for “fresh air”. The passengers flying Xiamen

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the most discouraging part about #post any article

Life is full of ups and downs always.Life is full of love care and share .Life is full of fakes ,friends and foes . Thus post any article is similar too. It has its own loving and appreciating parts and

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Mother exhaust child to eat hundreds of ants

India – A tragic story experienced by a baby girl who had just been born. Under conditions of life, the baby was found in a garbage can near a school. It was not unexpected, the boy eaten hundreds of ants!

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Similar sued Kim Kardashian, Wife Have Divorced

Egypt – An Egyptian woman to divorce her husband after she learned that her husband was having an affair because he refused to change his appearance to be like an American television star Kim Kardashian. Quoted from Emirates 24/7, a

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