-Let Me-

let me shade my heart with black color. For black symbolize bad luck. And i am bad luck when coming to love. Let me draw my feelings with white cry on, for you can not see it. And you cannot

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To My Late Uncle

I feel you close, whispering you love me as the wind blows, I cherish every memory of you, I take them where ever I go. When sadness falls upon me, I know you’re standing silently next to me, wiping the

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Sure, I’ll Buy those Apples on the Ground

Apple Farm October 21, 2014 Copyright Cathy A Montville

Where on earth did all the apples go in this huge orchard? Each October, I go apple picking with one of my daughters. It’s a tradition we’ve carried out for years. The two variety of apples we like best are

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Listening to One Song for 10 Hours- a Mental Challenge

There are moments when listening to our favourite songs represents the best way to get rid of the stress and simply feel good, but no matter how much I like a tune, I used to think I couldn’t listen lo

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Where i can my post stats here?

I am little bit confused about site. I have written one post and now want to see my stat about views likes, comments. I got through FAQ but, haven’t get anything there about earnings. I want help about this. Will

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I am starting my journey of PAA.

Hello and a good morning to all members of Post Any Article. I am Dipti. This is my first post for this site. I am pursuing PGDBA(finance) from SCDl. With study i am trying to do some online work also

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Power of Smile :)

I was sitting inside our cottage by the sea when a high school girl came and sat too without a single word. I was irritated and wanted to tell her to at least say “Hey, ugly lady! Can I have

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Let’s talk about cryptocurrency!

I ignored the first time I read tweets about Bitcoin. But now I am very interested to learn and earn virtual or cryptocurrency. I already had an idea of exchange rates. I wonder if it is posible for PostAnyArticle to

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