Stressed really isn’t the word for it

I have just returned from my interview with the social welfare officer, the topic of said interview was to reinstate my payment so I can live a normal life again without trying to struggle on 100 quid a week, I

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Moving to Cambodia

I just googled “Living in Cambodia” and found many links related to it. What got me curious is the “7 Reasons Why You Really Shouldn’t Move to Cambodia” hmmm I wonder if the author is serious or just kidding there.

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7 Tips To Stay Mentally Healthy

The leading cause of disability worldwide is Mental-health. Cases related to mental conditions have been alarmingly on the Increase, with some of the implications poignant and irrevocably difficult to treat. Prevention is better than cure, and radical steps can be

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Facebook Deactivating Accounts

Be careful what you post on Social Media I’ve noticed something recently, it seems that some Facebook accounts are being deactivated, that shocked me. There’s been a bit of trouble on the site, some of my family members were being

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Living in Cambodia

Any PAAer from Cambodia? I read a post of a fellow Filipina on the other site saying she is currently in Cambodia, teaching English there. She mentioned you can buy clothes there for PHP0.20 – 0.50 (US$0.005 – 0.012+). WOW!

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I Am Trying something Out

I decided to try something out on here and one other site that I can post a lot of content on easily. I have decided to look into what is trending on twitter and then write something up having to

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What Not to Wear This Halloween: Bad Idea 1

Whatever you do this Halloween, do not try to dress up as Taylor Swift if you are over fifty years old and on top of that a man. This would be all around bad for you and every one who

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Super Rich of Britain

The other coin of the millions of starving PM David Cameron created a legion of multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires. Just within five years he established over 4,700 multi-millionaires and 47 multi-billionaires with over £95billion each. These super rich driving the prices

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