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Rather Write Those Posts..


I was busy since the past 2 days so never got time to post here. However now I am back to writing. Anyways my last post on vedic math trick helped me cover up the loss with 140+ views. I

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My carrot juice.

Instead of cooking it, we can have it fresh by juicing. It has more nutritional value than the cooked one. All we have to do is select the fresh carrot that you love to eat, wash it and put some

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Me and my wife are now okay


Husband and wife will build stronger relationship with some sort of problems. It will serve as a guiding light to mold them. Petty fights will serve as a small problem but be sure before you reach 24 hours. I am

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Easy advices to protect the environment

Has anyone asked himself, what he or she can do to protect the environment and safe resources? Many people, who asked themselves that question reached the conclusion that they are just one person and can´t achieve anything serious that can

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Self Pity


Blue deep Water; drifting through The light, and out of nowhere Was a blue boat with yellow sails Perusing the sand, I saw a man Walking towards the waves of destination He called out to deaf ears, and numbness And

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How To Deal With Tantrums of Children?


Children are God’s gift to the humanity and their parents. But also it is true that sometimes to deal with fussy children is not at all easy job. But we can’t be rude when they show tantrums because by showing

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Beginning (Short Story)

It happened without any kind of warning. A young soul was able to find a warm feeling on the place where it was least expected to do so. On an after-school class, the owner of that young soul was able

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Will you refuse 500 Dollars A Month ?


I was offered a job overseas with a salary of 500 dollars . its a good money to earn but im still thinking about it if i can take to leave my kids . im having a second thoughts about

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Get A Beautiful And Flawless Skin Through A Laser Skin Clinic

It is said that in today’s date, laser is the most effective treatment option for large numbers of skin conditions. Right from acne to tattoo removal, lots of things can be carried out through laser easily and effectively. Regardless of

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This site is lucky!

You don’t have any idea how lucky this site is. Do you realize how many times I just wanted to turn the lights off, lock the door, and walk away from this site? People have spread lies, sabotaged, trolled and

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