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Unbearable Heat


The weather calls for lots of heat. The temperature is high. The humidity is bad. It is not bad for human but for animals as well. At least a human can tell you they want water or a cooling fan.

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Americans Taste Philippine Snack-Food

I am browsing on Youtube and these videos caught my attention. Foreigners trying my country’s snack-food and even street food. I wonder what were their comments so I watched 3 videos to get information and their feedback. Lucky Me Pancit

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Marriage: The Ongoing Work-In-Progress


Grandma’s motto: “Be an Angel in the kitchen, Be Beautiful at the window and be a Devil in the bedroom” In every marriage or, relationship, one partner is considered the “anchor”; not the kind that holds the other back or,

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There is a change to the sound of the universe sounds of cracking earth, roars of thunder! Crashing of the waves and the howls of the wind but there are only…..murmurs in the streets some buzzing and stoking of rallying

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How to Decide Whether to Hire A Wedding Beauty Consultant


This is your special day! Your hair, makeup and gown are the focal points which means you need to look absolutely radiant and flawless. You want to enjoy the added perk of hiring a reputable consultant or makeup artist who

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What Happened to Ireland?

reland was a Catholic country. The Church and its officials had as much, if not more power than the government. What ‘Father’ said was law, and Church doctrine, ruled. I recall a woman dying in childbirth because she could not

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Why It Is Bad to Buy Pets From Pet Stores


I worked in a pet store for a short time years ago. I was very surprised at what I learned in that time frame. I had assumed that a pet store was a natural place for an animal lover to

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Self-employment: what about its advantages?


What about self-employment? Many people say that it is nice not to have a boss to answer to. I think that it is important that the health of these persons is good. Yes, good health is very important for all,

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Favourite People

I went out for lunch today with Mum, Gran and Grandad. Three of my favourite people. Waiting at the bus stop later, I heard one stranger talking to another about the weather. “Just like summer,” she beamed. “I guess.” “Yes.

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Mary’s Special Talent

Mary pulled on her yellow and purple polka wellies and her orange raincoat. Topped it off with her favourite hat, her pink Stetson. She carefully packed the very handy little bag on her mobility walker and set off up the

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