How does PostAnyArticle work? You have questions and we have answers. We know what you are going to ask before you even ask it, because we have already asked ourselves when we created this site. So here is our one size fits all, for all purposes… Rules, FAQ, How It Works, and the answers to the questions that we already know you are going to ask us. Many people will still message @admin asking these questions, those messages will simply be ignored. All users should know the information on this page, that is why there is a link to it at the top of every page on the site.

So here are the questions, in no particular order.

1. Q. Can I post an article that was previously published?
A: Yes we accept republished content, that you are the original creator of. Publishing someone else’s work as your own is plagiarism and will get your account deleted without warning. Make sure you note that it is republished, and your profile is correct and up to date! Do not republish from FoK or EP. Also, do not publish articles that are obviously meant for other websites, as it confuses the reader. If you have any other questions just send a message to @admin
2. Q. Can I write erotic stories?
A. Just don’t get all pornographic, and remember that women and children do use this site.
3. Q. Can I link to my blog or previous article?
A. Yes, no more than 2 links allowed in each post. Please keep your own links close to the bottom of your post.
4. Q. Do I have to link to my original publication?
A. No need to link to your original post, just say it was republished by you from the other site, and that it is your own original work at the end of the article. If your author name is different on the original, just clarify that in the statement.
5. Q. Can I post images?
A: Yes, you may post 1 image per article. Make sure to size it properly, so it doesn’t harm readability of the page.
6. Q. When will I be paid?
A. All views for the month will be paid when our advertisers pay us.
7. Q. Is the site moderated?
A. Yes, PostAnyArticle is known for its friendly and responsive staff.
8. Q. What will constitute my account being frozen/banned?
A. Plagiarism, advertiser violations, cheating on views…. Deleted users, may or may not receive a message why their account had to be deleted.. The reason is always obvious. Extreme cases can cause us to no longer allow certain users access to our servers.
9. Q. Is there a limit to how many articles I can submit each day?
A. No limit. Write all you want, whenever you want. We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 366 on leap year.
10. Q. Is there a minimum word count for articles?
A. Yes. Articles must be 100 words or more. 100 words is a little more than a well structured paragraph. If you cannot meet that requirement, then you should not be trying to make money by writing.
11. Q. Can I advertise my business?
A. No more than 2 links per article…. no illegal stuff, either.
12. Q. Can I use slang or swear/curse words?
A. Mild slang may be used, but no swearing. Should a moderator spot swear words, your account may be frozen or the article deleted. If you swear in the comment section, your entire comment will be held for moderation. Please keep the “tone” a positive one if you must use strong language.
13. Q. Can I do product reviews, even if I do not like a product?
A. Yes. Product reviews actually do bring in decent money, depending on what you are reviewing and the upcoming seasons/holidays/etc.. If you want some things to review, check out the “Money Links” tab in the menu.
14. Q. Can I post in a foreign language?
A. Currently, we accept articles written in English only. More languages will come.
15. Q. Can I post religious views/political?
A. Yes. Absolutely, Voice your opinions about current events in your country. Many people are also interested in the beliefs and morals of the different religions around the world (and beyond). So please do tell us about whatever you feel strongly about. That is what we are here for.
16. Q. Can I write about firearms?
A. Yes, you can write about firearms, and all about them. The only thing about them you cannot write about is selling them, or ammunition. This is because firearms are illegal in some countries, and we do not want anybody breaking the laws in their area.
17. Q. How many embedded links to my blog can I use?
A. No more than 2 per article.
18. Q. Can I write articles about sexual health, such as erectile dysfunction/orgasms?
A. Yes, as long as it cannot be mistaken as “porn”.
19. Q. Can I write Haiku?
A. Yes – but you must include a few sentences to help meet the 100 minimum word count
20. Q. Can I have multiple accounts?
A. No.
21. Q. Can I tag my name?
A. Yes.
22. Q. Do I need a paypal account to get paid?
A. Yes, You can update your paypal email address in the dashboard on your “profile edit” page.
23. Q. Where can I see the Pay Rate and my Views?
A. Your Earnings page will be available to you after you are logged in. It will be in the sidebar waiting for you.
24. Q. How does the site make money?
A. The site makes money when people interact with the advertisements that are around the articles, on the top of the page, and on the side of the page. Also, when they complete other offers like surveys and such.
25. Q. Can I list an article under more than one category?
A. Yes. But remember, only one category per article should be selected for SEO purposes.
26. How can I make money with PAA?
PAA users earn from a few different things including (but not limited to); unique pageviews on their articles, comments, referrals, affiliate offers, contests and more!
27: What are you waiting for?
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12 comments on “FAQ
  1. Owlwings says:

    It appears that the answer to #26 should be:

    “Your views and the payrate per 1000 views are listed on your profile page.” I don’t see any payrate figures on the “post” page.

    It would be nice to see a second option on “Posts” in the left sidebar menu which would show a summary of posts made. This would, ideally, have view (and comment) figures against each. Stats for individual articles would be valuable so that one can assess the popularity (or otherwise) of any particular topic/article. It would also be nice to know where traffic is coming from but I don’t know whether that is practicable.

  2. mdrkarim7 says:

    I feel good to see this site…I appreciate the efforts..Keep it up…

  3. janethwayne says:

    Very much helpful.

  4. Rahul Parashar says:

    Pretty much straightforward answers. Can I do that? No. Can I do this? No. lol.

    It’s really easy to post here though.

  5. The Strainer says:

    MdrKarim7: Thank you. We know we are recognized when you post on our sites. Keep up the great work. ;-)

  6. The Strainer says:

    @Rahul: Admin set this site up for ease of posting and good rates. The bubble is shrinking, if not popping. Keep them coming.

    • Rahul Parashar says:

      It’s going to burst sooner rather than later though. Someone will sue them surely. The politician Arvind is going to be locked in.

  7. athlyn says:

    In light of the algo–Google interfering with traffic to content sites and possibly keeping more of the ad revenue–how would this site differ from all the other content sites that are nearly dead because views and revenues had died to a trickle?

    While the pay rate is higher, still, with the Google interference, I can’t see how this would translate into real earnings.

    Getting away from reliance on Google is the only way that sites will last and will be able to pay their writers enough so that it is worth all the time and effort. Why not pay users on all activity related to their articles instead?

    Also, can users interlink their “PostAnyArticle” articles to keep them circulating? I read that there are no external links allowed but what about internal links?

    • Crazy Texan says:

      seo and revenue are two different things. seo does not rule revenue, it can only “potentially” enhance it. just because a site gets a lot of traffic, does not necessarily mean it is making any money.

      the only thing I can guarantee is that all writers will be paid their “fair share”. those who know me, already know this. those who don’t know yet.. have been a victim of censorship by admins of other sites. that is why, no links.

      when we get to better servers, we will add a related post feature. maybe next month.

      • athlyn says:

        Hi Crazy, I must click on your profile and see if you have another name I can use. You are too handsome to be called “Crazy.”

        I agree with your thoughts about SEO and revenue. I’m so fed up with the Google dance. I have had two sites request writers to make changes to hundreds of articles, which were only as good as the next Google change. Many of us have said, “enough.” It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and Google may find they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

        Will you be including earnings per article, so writers can work to promote those high-performing articles. Stats are always very helpful.

        So far, I haven’t found anywhere where it shows what we are actually earning. Do we receive a “mystery payment”? or am I missing something?

  8. Crazy Texan says:

    Also, if you are concerned with google updates then fullofknowledge and expertspages should be the sites you post on. I must warn you that those sites are quite strict on what they will allow to be published.. Many people would argue with the editorial comments which are meant to protect the site from the next animal google decides to let out of the cage. But we can also understand why writers would have issues with the comments and that is why we opened Postanyarticle.

    PAA was not created to “burst a bubble”, as all bubbles do a good enough job of that, naturally. It was to address the fact that many writers just want to write and move on… without proofreading and fact checking to give their readers the *quality that they deserve.

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