How and when will I be paid?

When you hit the minimum amount you get paid, if and when the funds are available. I check the stats a few times a week. We pay to the PayPal account hooked to the email address you signed up to the site with.

Why did my earnings go up or down?

Some users may have their pay rates adjusted to meet the amount of revenue their articles are generating.

How can I earn a higher rate?

How revenue is generated is displayed under the advertisements. Only go through to the ads you are interested in. Interested users interact with the site on the ad.

Look for ads that pay a bonus for completing them. The bonus is added to your due pay column and will help you earn faster.

What are the article requirements?

Only your own articles can be posted here. Republishing your articles to and from other sites you write on is okay.

The minimum word count is 50 words. No scam, spam, spun, stolen, hate, or illegal stuff.

Do my articles earn from just views?

You also earn a rate for the comments on your articles. That rate can be adjusted also.

What things can I add to my articles?

You can use pictures, video, sound, html (all that and more) in your post to make it look exactly how you want.?

Are there any limits?

Post as much as you want. Comment as much as you want. Share as much as you want. Earn as much as you want.

How does this site exist without Adsense?

Like most sites of this kind, money comes from ads. We do not use Google Adsense to provide our ads, instead we use different ad providers. Some of these ads are even on PTC (paid to click) sites.

Our advertisers allow us to share the ad money with the users. Adsense does not allow that…. I would turn other websites in for it, but I really am a nice person.

Updated: November 05, 2014

Disclaimer: We earn from clicks