Aside from PAA Where Do You Post Your Articles?

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After figuring out that several PAA members are not active anymore here for the past few days or weeks, I am wondering where did they go? Aside from PAA where do you post your articles?

I know some of us go to Bubblews, Wikinut, Teckler, iWriter and D2DTips, to name a few. But aside from these websites that I mention, where else do you go? Can you share them with us, especially with me, for I am looking for websites similar with PAA and FoK.

Although right now I am busy doing some online and offline works but I still need good sites for additional earnings. I just hope you are willing to help me find some. Thank you very much and God bless!


First I worked as a College Teacher for four years, then I worked as a Banker and retired. I am now a full time Mom taking care of my 3 daughters. My husband is a firefighter.

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